10 Types Of Guys That Women Can’t Resist


Types Of Guys That Women Can’t Resist – Dudes have been trying to figure out what women want since prehistoric times. Men have tried an untold number of tactics to get to the root of this enigma, sometimes with major success. Unfortunately, the failures are usually astoundingly, hysterically bad, leaving each new generation of men desperate to find out how to get and keep a woman.

Every guy has a buddy that thought he knew what a girl wanted only to feel that awful sting of humiliation when she turns him down. Sorry fellas, it is all a part of nature.

Part of what makes it so difficult to pin this down is because women can be so different from each other in their likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and experiences. Even a group of girlfriends will almost always prefer different types of men. Some will like tall guys, but her friend may not even care how tall he is because she is so short, everyone seems tall to her.

Just as soon as men think they have it figured out, it seems like it changes, too. Millions of men have spent countless hours watching romantic movies, reading women’s magazines, and talking to their sisters to figure out what the hell they are supposed to do in order to catch a girl. The problem is as soon as a man figures it out, what she wants tends to change, starting the whole frustrating process all over again.

But never fear, after 45 minutes of agonizing research, the 10 most irresistible types of men have been identified, categorized, and compiled for everyone to see.

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