Actress Lilian Esoro Warns Fans To Stop Asking Her About Pregnancy


Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro took to Instagram to warn her fans not to ask her about pregnancy.
Lilian wrote,

“This people that congratulate you on Instagram, ovary watchers that ask for due date or the sex of your baby when you aren’t even pregnant or you didn’t announce a pregnancy.. It’s really awkward so please just stop pregnancy is really sensitive and women go through a lot so if someone isn’t pregnant or doesn’t announce a pregnancy please keep your opinion/questions to yourself. Do you know if a woman is trying to get pregnant with no success, do you know if she’s going through a loss, do you know if she’s having a difficult pregnancy or if she just wants to keep it away from social media… So to all the womb watchers that constantly question women about their ovaries on social media… Please just stop.”

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