Child rapist hires 10 lawyers to defend him in court after he raped a 6-months old baby

Nigerians are furious after the news of a baby who was raped at 6 months hit social media.

The victim, identified as Khadija Bashir was raped at 6 months old by an unnamed accuser who has apparently employed the services of 10 lawyers to defend him in court.

Khadija has undergone many corrective surgeries, and now, she’s 8 months old, and her family faces the risk of not getting justice for the child, after the “rapist” hired 10 lawyers to defend him in court.


This news stirred major conversation on social media.

While some people are demanding for the identity of the accuser, others have asked of how they can help Khadija’s family. Some are already volunteering to get a lawyer for Khadija’s family since they reportedly are unable to afford it.

See the tweets:

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