Fear of divorce preventing Genevieve Nnaji from settling down?


In Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, it is arguably every woman’s dream to marry the love of their life. However, popular Nollywood actress and CEO of St. Genevieve Fashion Collections, Genevieve Nnaji, who is now 35 years of age; is still very much single and yet to find someone to call her husband.

On The TRUTH‘s 7th episode this past October, the Host of the show – Olisa Adibua – asked Genevieve Nnaji if she is currently in a relationship. Here’s how she responded:

Question: Are you currently in a relationship?

Genevieve: “*Takes a deep breath* I think everyone is prioritizing and so am I. It’s not like I don’t want to settle down, I want somebody and until I find that person, there’s no thought of me settling down. I’m not looking, I’m a woman, we are not allowed to look.”

Olisa also asked Genevieve Nnaji the following questions on THE TRUTH….

  • When was the last time you had a boyfriend… do you have one now?

Genevieve answers: “I don’t have a boyfriend now”

  • Ok, so what are you looking for in a man? Olisa asked Genny…
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    1. All you nigerian actors and actresses stop deceiving urs. Check ur selves and settle down those that are having happy families they don’t have 2heads

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