I am not a Ghanaian actor, film star Majid Michael reveals


Majid Michael, as he is all about letting things bare in the open. The actor has boldly declared that he is not a Ghanaian actor, but rather an actor from Ghana.

He revealed this during the press launch of Kofas Media movie project, ‘Amakye & Dede’.

While reacting to some of the inquiries put at him during the Q & A session, the actor said, “Well, I am an actor and I believe acting is an act and art is universal. I am not a Ghanaian actor; I am an actor from Ghana”.

This is probably the actor’s attempt to dissociate himself from any stereotype picture that could limit him to acting only in Gollywood.

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    1. Wait,so an America actor is one who acts American films. Oh so an actor from England is not an English actor.let your stardom be knowledge unto the path of ppl watch you act. Ridiculously,this is a guy who graduated from saint Augustus college in Cape coast. Warped grammar and logic.

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