Mark Angel Comedy Hits One Million Subscribers On Youtube (See Photos)

Mark Angel The founder of Mark Angel Comedy Series Has just officially become Africas

Biggest Comedian Online, Today the Port Harcourt based Comedian reached a new milestone as he hit 1 million subscribers on youtube there is literally no Comedian in the whole of Africa who even comes close, as a matter of fact there is no other African youtube channel in general who has half of their subscribers, and its self to say Mark Angel Is Africa’s king of Youtube.

Mark Angel has no doubt changed the game as he was one of the first comedians in Nigeria to really use social media to his own advantage and he has amassed a Jaw dropping  large numbers of fans on social media on his facebook page alone he has a whopping 2.7Million fans and his Protege Emmanuella who is barely 7years old has 1.3 Million fans.

Their weekly comedy skits hit 1million views on youtube faster than the speed usain bolt uses to reach the finish line of an 100m race, And the youtube channel has a total of 220Million views.

They have no soubt become a role model to the new Generation of Comedians.

Not only this Mark Angel And Emmanuella are both house old names and draw a large number of audience to every event they attend, they have had bookings both home and abroad and are set to hit Liberia very soon.

Big Congrats to them With the way they are going the sky is not even their limit but the starting point.

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