Shock Spreads Through School After ‘Toilet Ghost’ is Heard Complimenting Female Students’ Privates (Photo)

An entire school has been left in shock and exams cancelled after students heard the voice of a ghost in the school toilet complimenting their private parts.

A pupil in the toilet cried out after hearing the voice of a ghost (Photo:Unathi Mshumpela)

A shocking incident has left pupils of Machibini Senior Secondary School in Ridge Village in South Africa in total fear after two pupils reported that they heard the voice of a ghost speaking to them from the dark and stinky pit, complimenting their private parts and bums!

DailySun reports that the talking toilet ghost caused mayhem at a Mthatha school on Monday morning.

Speaking about the incident the two girls involved narrated how they ran out of the toilet to the staff room in fear after the voice of the ghost complimented their privates parts as they sat down on the toilet to do nature’s call.

They said the voice was that of an old man speaking in English. Their ordeal has now spread fear through the whole school.

As a result, an urgent prayer service was held as the pupils boycotted exams, saying they were too frightened to write. A local pastor was called in to conduct the prayer session.
The two girls told of their shocking experience.
“It was just before 9am and my classmate and I went to relieve ourselves before our History paper,” said the tearful grade 11 pupil.
She said just after passing urine, a voice from the pit started complimenting her punani, saying, “I like it nice and wet, baby!

“I jumped up and screamed as I ran towards the staff room,” said the pupil.
She said her classmate who was in the toilet next door also heard the old man’s voice
Mthatha education district director Themba Dyasi said inspectors and counsellors would visit the school to advise traumatised pupils. If You Enjoyed This, Please Click SHARE below to facebook or twitter thanks

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