I stopped featuring in movies because am not affordable – Alex Usifo

Over the years, production and story quality have changed in Nollywood. With many complaining that the stories aren’t what they used to be and that most new Nollywood actors are not that good in bringing characters to life. Well, veteran actor Alex Usifo, who is one of the really good interpreters of characters have come out to say he stopped featuring in new movies because producers cannot afford him.


Veteran Nollywood Actor Alex Usifo, one of the oldest actors in the industry regularly seen in the 90’s on TV series and has featured in lots of movies but he has not been seen for a while. The actor who is popularly known for his role as a strict father and also his unique voice revealed his reasons for his absent on the movie screen with Sahara weekly.

Here’s what he said about it:

“If you ask me, Nollywood is getting bigger. The only thing you may complain about is the stories are not the way they used to be. When people complain about Nollywood, they complain about the stories and the people they see. Maybe a lot of us when are given scripts and we don’t like the story, we can tell them we don’t want to be part of it. And on their part, they can’t afford us so they settle for the less and this things affects good production because you have a good story but you don’t have the kind of money, artists, equipments, right location, good direction and good camera man. So if some aspects are not right, it will affect your story.”


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