This father lies dead next to his kids, but what his wife does next is unbelievable


Eva Holland, 26 and from Cincinnati, met the love of her life when she was 15. But what happens after her husband takes a single pill, is unbelievable.

Eva meets the fun-loving Mike Settles at school. It’s love at first sight and the two end up together.

When they finally are old enough, they decide to marry. To make their lives perfect, the two become parents: they have a sweet son Lucas and an even sweeter daughter, Ava. Mike worships his 2 children and loves his wife more than anything.

But Mike has a dark secret. It all starts out harmlessly. The loving father wakes up one day with a terrible toothache. After dealing with the pain for a few days, he starts to take painkillers. And this turns into a habit: he begins to take one pill after the other for even the smallest of aches. He is quickly addicted. But, it gets even worse: his life takes an unfortunate turn and he is unable to live without pills, switching to heroin.

But even after desperately going cold turkey, staying clean for a few months, he relapses. After another toothache he takes several painkillers. He reassures his wife that he has everything under control, but the relapse happens immediately. And this time it costs Mike more than his health. His wife Eva finds him dead. The terrible drugs had taken his life.

Eva posts a picture on her Facebook of her and her 2 children smiling next to their dead father at his coffin. Naturally, they were full of grief but there was an important reason for this controversial photo. To spread the necessary awareness for the important message:

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