Tonto Dikeh, Omotola Ekeinde, Mercy Johnson and More Celebrate Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day today and many Nigerian stars have taken to their various social media platforms to celebrate their mothers and also themselves – mother’s to their own children.

Some of the heartfelt notes came from legendary actress Omotola Ekeinde, who showered her late mother with tributes, Mercy Johnson who looked back at how far she has come since her first pregnancy, Don Jazzy who praised his mother as the sweetest of them all, and Darey Art Alade who showed the world how beautiful and ever young his own mother is.

Omotola Jalade:

My mother … Yesterday was your son’s wedding… I fought tears through it all, wishing You and Dad were there. I imagined and looked, lost but … Healing. I am consoled by these thoughts of how happy you were on my wedding day …just months to your passing… Oh sweet mother. You were strong, resilient, powerful, you showed me Christ even though were not born into that faith and even when life threw you into being a widow, you staggered up and held us walking, crawling to the finish line. I love you Omo baba alagbafo of adatan, Omo iya Olowu of Owu, Omoge Oluwatoyin nee Oguntade. Omo EGBA to sure! Fine woman keep turning heads in heaven my outstandingly beautiful mother. We continue to honor you. Yes you were here. You left your mark. Cherish your mother today. Mrs Oluwatoyin Amori Jalade 53-01. #happymothersday #mamajal

Tonto Dikeh

I celebrate what an awesome mother I am..
Today I celebrate the Gift of been a mother..
As a mother I have known Pure love,Joy and happiness..
Today I celebrate the strength of Motherhood upon me & every other mother out there..

Don Jazzy:

Behold the sweetest mother in the world. People ask me why do I carry people’s problem on my head and try to make everyone happy. Might be strange to a lot of people but not me cos growing up watching you be a mother to everybody around you was a beautiful sight. You will sell Akara and sometimes not make profit cos you have fed the entire street for free. You made me understand that a good name is definitely better than silver or gold. You made me see the importance in sharing happiness. How it’s better for everyone to be happy around you than for you to be happy alone. All of which has made me the man I am today. I LOVE YOU MUM. Happy Mother’s Day.

I carried them in my stomach with lots of discomfort looking bloated yet happy.
with my long weeve,heels n nails I carry,clean n change them so excitedly.
I wake up at 3am or anytime to check on them at d sound of a sneeze just to be sure they are fine.
my heart aches at d thot of leaving them,their laughter and smile makes my life worth it.
I pray everyday for their sadness,tears,failures and shame to be mine to bear while all my success,happiness,smiles and honour be theirs to enjoy.
I sacrifice everything happily for them….and lots more.
it’s inexplicable
Happy Mother’s Day to Me and Every Mom.

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